1 Million Liters of Safe Drinking Water in Mexico

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OrganizationCaminos de Agua
Region Mexico
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ProjectLeader Dylan Terrell

Join us in our ONE MILLION LITER rainwater harvesting challenge. We will build 85 (12,000-liter capacity) rainwater harvesting cisterns and install a minimum of 250 ceramic water filters - providing more than 1,000 people in central Mexico with safe and healthy water for drinking and cooking. This comprehensive program also provides technical trainings, water awareness education, water quality testing for local communities, and accompanying technical manuals and educational supplements.


The Independence Aquifer provides life-sustaining water to over half a million residents in central Mexico and is in crisis. Wells are drying up due to groundwater over-extraction by agriculture and remaining water contains 10x or more World Health Organization limits of arsenic and fluoride. This toxic cocktail causes irreversible health complications like dental & crippling skeletal fluorosis, development & mental disabilities, organ failure, and cancer. Children are at greatest risk.

Long-Term Impact

We believe that successful projects are based on the intersection of low-cost, proven solutions with a community-driven and led implementation model. Local communities provide hundreds of hours of volunteer labor for every rainwater installation and make all decisions regarding location and organization based on need and participation. Our water solutions strengthen existing community processes - contributing to stronger, better-organized, and more resilient rural communities in the long-term.


  1. http://www.caminosdeagua.org
  2. https://caminosdeagua.org/en/rainwater-harvesting
  3. https://caminosdeagua.org/en/ceramic-water-filters
  4. https://caminosdeagua.org/en/project-map

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[[Category:Lack of access to safe drinking water in Mexico Projects in Mexico]], [[Category:Physical Health in Mexico Projects in Mexico]]