1Million trees to fight climate change in Pakistan

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OrganizationAssociation For Women's Awareness and Rural Development
Region Pakistan
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ProjectLeader Azeem Christopher

Pakistan is among the list of those countries which will be most affected by the Climatic Changes.The country had faced several natural disasters on very large scale in the past decade due to rise in temperature such as earthquakes, famine, floods, deadly heatwaves etc.resulting in the loss of thousands of lives and damage of billions of dollars.AWARD intends to initiate a campaign to plant 1 million trees in the next 2 years and to spread awareness to mitigate the effects of climatic changes.


The climatic changes and the environmental pollution has affected the health of the communities in great numbers in District Faisalabad and the neighboring districts.Faisalabad being the third biggest city of Pakistan has also become the third most air polluted city (CNN Health report)of the world because of the increase of massive textile industry.Due to air pollution and green house effect there has been a massive increase in deaths among children due Dengue, Hepatitis, Typhoid, Diarrhea etc.

Long-Term Impact

1) Decrease in Carbon Dioxide emission. 2) Decrease in Diseases spread through the air pollution and contamination. 3) Reduction in deforestation 4) Improved sensitization among the urban and rural population on climate change, environmental pollution.


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