180 Scholarships for Vocational Training in Haiti

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OrganizationExtollo International
Region Haiti
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ProjectLeader Craig Janofski

This project will provide scholarship funds to 180 men and women to be certified through Extollo's vocational training programs in Welding, Masonry, Concrete, or Electric. Graduates can use their training to find jobs in the construction industry and on average earn 2x more than they did before being trained.


Over 43% of Haitians are unemployed and 73% of those with jobs are under-employed, and those living in extreme poverty have virtually no opportunity to increase their earning potential. In order to improve their lives, men and women need professional skills that allow them to earn more, send their kids to school, and build a stronger future.

Long-Term Impact

The long-term impact of learning a trade allows the graduate to find work, and increase their wage for the remainder of their new career. This has a lifetime impact on the student and their family who receives scholarship funds. The long-term impact goes beyond the student as structures will be built to higher, international construction standards preventing casualties during natural disasters.


  1. https://www.extollo.org/
  2. http://www.extollo.org/about

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