15 Uruguayan Girls in Tech

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OrganizationANIMA TEC
Region Uruguay
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ProjectLeader JOHANNA DIAZ

This project aims to reach and encourage young girls to follow STEM careers. We look forward to enroll 15 girls who live in disadvantaged settings in 2021 group.


Women are underrepresented in STEM careers and this problem worsens when we this women come from disadvantaged settings. Uruguay is a renowned hub for Technological companies and they seek constantly for new hires, unemployment on this sector is almost zero, when unemployment in the country rises nearly to a 10%.

Long-Term Impact

ANIMA firmly believes in the potential of our youth, and the transformative power of education and quality work in the quest for learning. By providing a safe and free space for our young girls to learn skills that are demanded in the work space today, and that satisfy their interest and needs, we are contributing to increasing their chances of finishing high school and reducing the unemployment rate in Uruguay. Yearly we support over 200 young people in our program.


  1. https://anima.edu.uy/
  2. http://www.anima.edu.uy
  3. https://youtu.be/XuHJXPpCh_U
  4. https://issuu.com/animabachillerato/docs/original_memoria_editable-ingle_s-sincortes_1_

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[[Category:Education in Uruguay Projects]], [[Category:Gender inequality in the tech industry in Uruguay Projects]]

[[Category:Education in Uruguay Projects in Uruguay]], [[Category:Gender inequality in the tech industry in Uruguay Projects in Uruguay]]