10 Women Friendly Public Health Centers in Egypt

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OrganizationShamseya for Innovative Community Healthcare Solutions
Region Egypt
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ProjectLeader Ayman Sabae

What if you could have a role in providing healthcare services that are suitable for women especially in underprivileged areas? The Women Friendly Services project enables women all over Egypt to have access to safe, accessible and acceptable healthcare services. This is done by supporting the existing public health centers and enabling them with all the necessary training, equipment and referral systems to meet the needs and expectations of local women without stigma or discrimination.


Although the need for women-centered services is largely unmet across the country, the latest Demographic Health Survey revealed that only 8% of women received the services they need from public out-patient facilities. This is directly related to the low quality of services they receive there and the failure of providing services that provide the basics of acceptability in terms of privacy, referral processes, training of staff, availability of tools, technologies and materials among others.

Long-Term Impact

By working on enhancing the existing resources, the project aims to have a sustainable impact in the healthcare facilities who get the label of "Women Friendly Services" after the implementation of the project. Empowered, trained and equipped healthcare providers around the country with the needed skill sets, knowledge and tools that allow them to provide women friendly services of good quality. Improved access and empowered utilization of public healthcare services among local women.


  1. https://shamseya.org/
  2. https://www.instagram.com/thewfsproject/

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