100 pink bikes to bring Cambodian girls to school

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With the "Pink bicycle project" Helpcode plan to buy 100 Bicycles to support Cambodian girls from the poorest communities in the South of Cambodia get to school and begin peddling their way out of poverty to an education and a better life!


Poverty is the most disruptive factor for girls' education in Cambodia. Women in poorer provinces often face increased difficulty pursuing education. Besides needing to leave school to work for money, the distance from school is also a big challenge and prevents many girls from getting to school and having the chance of a better life. Many Cambodian girls face this problem; according to the World Bank, 79% of the Cambodian population lived in rural areas in 2018.

Long-Term Impact

Providing girls from these communities with a way to get to school through the gift of a bicycle gives girls a much needed hand up out of what would otherwise be a continued cycle of poverty and despair. The gift of a bicycle gives girls the chance to change the dialogue of their story and through access to an education be supported in realizing their full potential. Life changing!


  1. https://helpcode.org

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