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ProjectLeader Priyankit Panwar

For the last 16 years we have gone to the remotest corners of India to bring Smiles to around 10,000 kids and adults through our medical mission. After 3 months we would organize our 100th MEDICAL MISSION IN INDIA. And, what better way to celebrate than bringing the gift of Smiles to 100 more children. Support us and join the celebration of Smiles. Select a Donation option that suits you or start a Recurring Donation to JOIN THIS SMILE MOVEMENT.


Many of the cleft children coming to us, are from families earning less than $100 a month. If you have seen cleft children earlier- they CANNOT BREAST-FEED properly, they SPEAK IN NASAL TONE and they look different so they FACE CRUEL NAME-CALLING. All of this ends, if only they get a CHANCE of SURGERY and NEEDED CARE. Some of the children in our list, received nutritional care to become fit for their surgeries. NOW, WHEN THEY ARE READY, we want to give them-HUGS Not Delay and SMILES Not Wait

Long-Term Impact

The immediate change is what we see in the child's eyes, as he/she peeps into the mirror for the first time after surgery. They look at the mirror in dis-belief and gladly accept this new LIFE FREE FROM CLEFT. For the parents, a surgery for their kid at no cost to them is nothing short of a miracle. They have tears in their eyes when we ask for their feedback. Surgery helps these children to gain health and come out of their low-esteem because of Cleft-and LIVE TO THEIR FULLEST POTENTIAL.


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[[Category:Lack of access to dental care for underprivileged children in a specific location Projects]], [[Category:Physical Health in India Projects]]

[[Category:Lack of access to dental care for underprivileged children in a specific location Projects in India]], [[Category:Physical Health in India Projects in India]]