1000 Physically Disabled to be Mobile in Kenya

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This project focuses on providing resources to 1000 children and adults in poverty, with disabilities to improve mobility and rehabilitation in rural area in a village in Kenya. The Global Disability Rights presents the census of 67% of the disabled population lives in poverty among 2.97 million people. 10% of the people in Kenya are disabled and only 33% employed. The established rehabilitative center would provide therapy services, education and employment to the people in the rural community.


66% of the disabled population live in rural areas, 67% of these people live in poverty, while three million people in Kenya live in the rural villages.The problem is that there is lack of rehabilitation education and training in rural areas for orthopedic and neurological developmental disabilities and limited accessibility to vocational rehab in rural Kisumu for more than ten thousand people. There is no government or health system capable of enabling these people to be independent and working

Long-Term Impact

The rehabilitation center will be equipped to rehabilitate and educate disabled children to be performing day-to-day activities independently while empowering them. ReJenga will impact lives of disabled children to reach their full potential and vocational rehabilitation to be employed in the work force. Sustainability of this center will be through education and training of local in villages and providing a community based rehabilitation setting, where by the the disabled will be mobile.


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