(Winter-)Schools in the remote mountains of Nepal

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This project ensures daily education in three Lower Secondary Schools in Upper Dolpo in Nepal at 4,000 meter altitude for in total 150 children. We operate two schools in winter and one in summer times, which we construct in 2022-2024. Students will be trained in Nepali curriculum and understanding of Tibetan culture. Schools would not exist in this remotest populated mountainous region without our support. The supported children get a choice how and where they want to live their life in future.


All villages of Saldang, Nyisal and Lhuri are almost cut from the society. It takes 7 hiking days across 5,000-meter passes from the next trafficable road to get there. Electricity and phone connections do not exist, medical care is very poor. People can only survive with farming. Children often need to help them during summer while missing their lessons. The only way to provide education is running local schools including winter lessons. In Lhuri we build a new school, old one is dilapidated.

Long-Term Impact

More and more children are finishing basic school and continue their education in Kathmandu. Some stay in the city, some go back home as farmers, teachers, medical assistants or in any other function. This is the only hope for these villages to survive long-term, because the students generate new ideas in agriculture, family planning and communal life. It is really worth to support these former Tibetan people preserving their unique, peaceful and non-violent culture whilst advancing their lives.


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