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The Oasis Project will transform a barren area in Petare - the biggest slum in Venezuela - into a fun, safe place where 1000 kids will be able to play, rest, and have a source of clean water; a place designed by 76 of the children themselves. In 2021, we raised enough funds to make this Oasis a reality - and as we build it this year, we're refocusing our fundraising efforts to raise money to replicate it in other areas of the country, so even more children can have their very own Oasis.


96% of the Venezuelan population live in poverty. In a country where resources are so limited and day-to-day life is a struggle for so many, the importance of play, creativity and aspirations for children is often overlooked, and safe public spaces and playgrounds are scarce. But providing children with education, social development, and hope for the future - giving them tools to not only survive, but thrive - is a crucial step towards enabling them to exit the cycle of poverty.

Long-Term Impact

This project will give the children of the communities we work in, and future generations, safe places to play - vital for their long-term development - and access to clean water - transformational for their health and ability to learn. For these children, growing up in areas with extremely limited opportunities, this project is also the realisation of something they have created themselves, through their own hard work and imagination; it is proof that their aspirations and hopes are achievable.


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  3. https://trazandoespacios.org/en/

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