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OrganizationCorporacion Superarse
Region Colombia
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ProjectLeader Ana Palacio

We support children who are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and neglect such as malnutrition. For more than 51 years we have provided LOVE, home, EDUCATION, care, FOOD, clothing, recreation and psychosocial support to abandoned or abused children, through a life skills program. More than 7,000 children have received shelter and care that lead to a happy childhood. With your support, more boys can have a home and positive experiences that help them grow up to be good men.


Violence is present in the lives of most of our children as a regular part of their environment. There is an especially high presence of violence within friendships and families. Every day the numb er of children who are sexually abused, abandoned ,victims of violence, malnutrition or child labor increases. Thousands of children live in extreme poverty, with poor public education and a high number of violent deaths that leave the country's children in a tragic situation.

Long-Term Impact

For more 50 years, we have welcomed more than 7000 at-risk children.Guaranteeing their rights, they have received full protection, psychological support,skills tutoring, EDUCATION and advice to develop their potential to REDUCE THE INEQUALITY gap they are faced with. We work to get them away from dangers that lurk their streets, drugs and sexual abuse, providing them with a safe home and OPPORTUNITIES to develop their life skills. We will open a new foster home to protect more abandoned children


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  4. https://www.instagram.com/corposuperarse/?hl=es-la
  5. http://www.icbf.gov.co/portal/page/portal/PortalICBF

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