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OrganizationCorporacion Superarse
Region Colombia
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ProjectLeader Ana Palacio

Since COVID, Colombia has had an overwhelming increase in the number of children living in poverty. Since 1970, this project has been seeking to protect children at risk of abuse as well as help them and their families daily with education,food, psychosocial support,recreation,health,prevention of child pregnancy and guidance. We also work to keep them away from the dangers of being on the streets, child labor, and other forms of child abuse. Every year more than 200 children receive support.


Colombia is a country with high levels of social and economic inequality. Almost 30% of the population is classified as living in conditions of poverty,10% are classified as extreme poverty, which is linked to situations of social and political violence and family, child abandonment,displacement,discrimination, child labor, lack of study opportunities and other situations that directly affect many children and teens. The state of emergency that COVID-19 instated only made these conditions worse

Long-Term Impact

Each child can have access to education, medical care, nutrition and recreation so that they can have a childhood free of child labor and abuse, with support for their education, generating rights prevention strategies that contribute to the strengthening of families and social networks where children reach their integral human development. Since 1970 more than 6000 children have received attention and love,taking them out of the risks of living in streets to develop a successful life project.


  1. http://www.corporacionsuperarse.org
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBWcU66Cmk0
  3. https://corporacionsuperarse.org/sup_org/
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsiV20rhI7w

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