"The Journey of an Individual Philanthropist"

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OrganizationLIN Center for Community Development
Region Vietnam
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ProjectLeader Loan Nguyen

LIN believes that everybody can be a philanthropist and each person has their own giving journey. In this campaign, LIN wants to propose to everybody a few options to continue on their journey or create a new path of giving. These are only our recommendations for giving options & you can always drive your own journey and make positive changes to our society. Through this journey, LIN hopes to inspire more people in our community to give back and join forces to build a stronger community together


Not everyone is benefiting from Vietnam's rapid economic development and many are still living in poverty without the opportunity of a better future. Charity is important, but solving problems and preventing escalation of existing issues requires collaboration and strategic philanthropy. By giving back and coming together, leveraging local resources we are better able to tackle the root causes of social problems and improve the communities in which we live and work.

Long-Term Impact

LIN is the only connector in Vietnam to bring Nonprofit organizations (NPOs), donors and volunteers to work together towards sustainable development goals in Vietnam. Through donation and participation in our programs, LIN creates a space where donors become more aware, comprehend, trust and empower NPOs community and as results become more actively actors in the resolution of social issues.


  1. http://www.LINvn.org
  2. https://youtu.be/T6y-d52OKJw

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