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Region Israel
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ProjectLeader Nahum Bloch

Ofarim is a developing school for Jewish, Muslim, and Christian children with severe autism. It combines technological teaching methods and innovative treatments. The school opened in 2014 due to the distress of children with autism who did not have a place in any existing school. The school is working to develop cognitive abilities, emotional, and social functionality of the students. Ofarim thrives to find unique ways for teaching the students despite the complex difficulties.


Ofarim School, for children on the ASD (autism) spectrum, is a growing elementary school. Today, statistics shows that 1 of every 85 people have Autism, unfortunately, the number of autistic worldwide people is only growing, and with that the high demand for appropriate framework for them.

Long-Term Impact

Our school encourages coexistence and tolerance with our children and teachers. In the school we have Jewish, Muslim, and Christian children and staff members. In Ofarim, Arabs and Jews live and work together as a loving family.


  1. http://schools.yomanim.org.il/school.aspx?school=1000000053487
  2. http://hschools.haifanet.org.il/ofarim

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