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OrganizationCorporacion Superarse
Region Colombia
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ProjectLeader Ana Palacio

Many vulnerable youth in Colombia need more education opportunities. The project provides professional guidance, financial support for education and a program to get employment for 60 Youth. They have lived in poverty and need access to education, work, and other tools in order to build a better future for themselves. This support allows them to break the cycle of poverty within their families and communities. If you dream of a better world, help these young people to change their future


Only 30% of college-age youth are enrolled in higher education. A large number of young people are victims of child-labor or deal with poor pay and unstable employment. A prolonged armed conflict has brought negative impacts in Colombia such as internal displacement, violence, and child labor-22% of the children work in the streets. This represents a lack of opportunities for education and professionalization of young people which then generates greater inequality.

Long-Term Impact

With your help, these young people will be able to achive higher education and be professionals, have stable jobs, reducing poverty and inequality, saving them in the long term from drugs, prostitution, armed conflict, homelessness, unwanted pregnancies and other consequences of poverty. They are the citizens of tomorrow and we want them to be part of a more equitable society, based on education, critical sense, responsibility and autonomy. This program WILL TRANSFORM THE LIFE OF YOUNG PEOPLE


  1. http://www.corporacionsuperarse.org
  2. http://corporacionsuperarse.org/site/
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0D9ZWr538M

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