"COOL MIND"- A Study of Mental Health in Schools

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OrganizationInstituto Alpha Lumen
Region Brazil
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ProjectLeader Nuricel Villalonga

The Alpha Lumen Institute and its team of researchers in partnership with scientists Dr. Leonardo Batista (Brown University) and Tauily Taunay (UNIFOR), have developed the project "Cool Mind", which associates online activities of orientation, a digital platform and a game, with the goal of mapping students between 11 and 18 years, which present signs of anxiety symptoms, depression or even, possible increased risk of suicide, so that one can act in a preventive way on these problems.


Depression is the most common psychiatric pathology, affecting about 300 million people worldwide, and is considered a chronic and recurrent medical condition. During the pandemic mental health disorders increased by 25% worldwide, according to the WHO(World Health Organization). Social isolation and the challenges of losing loved ones has amplified the number of cases of depression in children and adolescents and accounts for about 75% of psychiatric hospitalizations in this age group.

Long-Term Impact

The application of the project in schools will make it possible to broaden the dialogue about mental health and depression and help to preventively identify students who show signs of the disease so that they can get referral to specialized help. The project will change the school's understanding of the disease, and can help families to act preventively, and can contribute significantly to an improvement in the mental health of our young people and also help to save many lives


  1. http://www.alphalumen.org.br
  2. http://www.alphalumen.org.br

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