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OrganizationThe Children's Museum Jordan
Region Jordan
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The Beyond Museum Walls project is a mobile scientific educational project that includes science-based shows delivered to children in the form of comedy-drama. This project targets children in hospitals, refugee camps and host communities in Jordan.


Can you imagine that the quarantine life the world living because of COVID-19 crises is the usual life of some, or actually is way better? The crisis and the war in Syria had many negative effects on refugee children, including long out-of-school periods and unstable and difficult living conditions. On the other hand, many children in hospitals have been forced by their health conditions to leave school for treatment due to serious and terminal diseases, as patients with cancer or war-wounded.

Long-Term Impact

Raising hope and curiosity! This project draws a smile on the faces of children in difficult conditions and brings learning to children during chemotherapy sessions, to others who have not been to school because of their refugee status and others who have been isolated in their host communities. The program contributes to helping refugee and sick children end their isolation and to integrating them in society.


  1. http://www.cmj.jo

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