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OrganizationNAPE Foundation
Region Ghana
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ProjectLeader Peter Okantey

NAPE Foundation has been awarding scholarships to Ghanaian students since 2006. Enrollment into institutions of higher learning in Ghana and throughout Africa is a daunting experience for students. Palm Institute dedicates its efforts to reach out to the less privileged many living in rural areas to equip them for today's competitive world. Currently 100% of students receive scholarships. A four-year degree program in BSc. in Business Information Technology will commence in January 2021.


Access to education should be a fundamental human right and more so owing to the fact that the survival and the ability of young individuals to survive and compete in the ever changing world rests on quality education.

Long-Term Impact

A hundred and sixty-one (161) brilliant but financially challenged students have been sponsored since 2006. Most of these beneficiaries are children of low income earning farmers who are already struggling to make ends meet. Also, most of these students are the first generation college students from their communities. Our goal is to empower and educate more of such students who would go back to build their communities and transform the lives of other young people.


  1. http://www.napefoundation.org
  2. http://napefoundation.org/ghs1-for-higher-education/
  3. http://napefoundation.org/how-to-get-involved/
  4. http://napefoundation.org/
  5. http://www.palminstitute.edu.gh/

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